Going up the N.F. of the Stillaguamish you have great views of Whitehorse, & Three Fingers Mountain near Oso, then they vanish behind lower hills. Then as you approach Darrington near Swede Heaven you round a bend and Whitehorse pops out from behind a hill. Of course for some dumb reason the road intersects a huge set of Seattle City Light power lines coming from the Skagit valley to the north. One of the most spectacular views on the planet and they string a zillion wires through it! Go figure.
I guess I could photoshop them all away, but I don't have enough time in my life. =\
Just the local utility lines now. Ever notice that if there IS a view, they string the utlities on that side of the road? That's Nicholas in the foreground.
This is a little pull-out behind a Shell station and espresso stand. The local recycling station usedd to be here but now we have to bring stuff to the transfer station in Arlington.
An E-type porn shot here...
This is the location of the famous "Miss January" shot which now graces Roger Los' XKEdata.com 2006 Calendar. About 10-15 minutes east of my house, on HWY 530.
Prarie Mt (left) and Whithorse Mt (right)
Did I mention is is really cold out?
Nice nose-on shot of the E-type. Looks kind of naked without the "65E" numberplate. Geoff Pickard brought one back from the UK for me. It is flatenning out in my barn as we speak. Look for it to re-appear some time later this year.
Nicholas is smiling because the sun is slowly thawing him out.
Darrington is just below those mountains above Nick.