WVO Settling & BioDiesel Processing

WVO settling tanks. WVO goes in the top via a 4" hole. I usually strain larger items out in 5 gallon buckets with a paint sstrainer, then again when it goes into the barrels with pantyhose or a sock on the funnel. Water and silt/sludge settles to the bottom and can be drained off. Oil is drained from the right-hand drain which is pulling from above the line via a 6" pipe extension internal to the barrel.
Wash tank. The lid has fine-mist nozzles installed. The lower drain (left) has a siphoning water drain that goes up to a vacuum breaking tube and then outside to another drain barrel.
Closeup of WVO settling tanks. The line is the level of the higher drain.
Closeup of WVO settling tanks. The line is the level of the higher drain.
Filtering tanks. I pump finished/washed BioDiesel into the top tank from the wash tank via the processor's pump. I let it settle for at least a week. Lower side bung has a sight tube going up so I can monitor the level of oil in the top barrel. Just downstream from the sight tube is a sediment/water drain. Further downstream is a ball valve then a filter. The bottom barrel has a 12v pump with inline filter to pump BD back up to the top barel, or out to the final storage barrel (on the hand truck) The funnel holds a 5/1 filter sock for final filtering.
Appleseed processor. Basically an old water heater with pump and various ball-valve openings to move oil (and a vent from the top).