Triplet Shipping Container Issues

Triplet Container arrived in a horizontal position. The trucker said he used 12 guys to tip it over and lay it on its side because it would not fit in his trailer. Battery cabinet thankfully remained vertical.

We righted the Triplet Container with a forklift. Step one...



Thankfully, no buzzing noises emenated from the obelisk.

As our loading dock is still under construction we had to move it into the datacenter with a forklift. NOTE: a 16' tie-down is required to secure the Triplet Container.

Inside the Datacenter.

Opening the side door. This should be a ramp, but…

It has no hinge, nor was there a way to use it as a ramp as it is too wide to lay on the edge of the internal ledge, which would allow the Triplet wheels to roll out of the shipping container.

Removing the 2"x6" bumper.

2"x6" bumper removed.

Oh look, the OTHER side has a hinged panel that seems ramp-like!

Container ramp side with 2"x6" bumper removed.

Push door, and ramp on the same side?

Full cabinet shot of the open side of the shipping container.

Detail shot of the open side of the shipping container. Note the steep drop without a ramp.

The push side, plus the useless ramp, with the 2"x6" bumper deployed as a "stair" to ease the roll-out... that is IF we could roll it out.

Maybe the bumpers are ramps? No.

Detail shot of the ramp and step that shows how this type of ramp will not work.

Forklift was the only way we could remove the triplet from the container.

Forklift gets it done.